ReGarde offer services within the following areas:

» Management

« Coaching

Within coaching the assignment may for example be to act as a discussion partner for a manager who is either new to the role or who simply need ideas from external expertize on how the business can be developed or when faced with new challenges or upcoming changes. These changes may be external market changes creating pressure on the organization or driven by internal challenges. These assignments are generally for a longer time where the work may be based on regular meetings or workshops. The scope of these assignments are entirely depending on how complex the issues are, or if the assignment includes both ideas as well as their implementation.

» Product strategy

» Sales towards the public sector

» Procurement processes

» Organizational changes 


Background Reidar Gårdebäck

After a Master of Science degree in Physics at KTH – Royal Technical University the first appointment was at Siemens-Elema Healthcare department with development of radiology systems. Then followed appointments at several medical technology companies such as Elekta, ProAct, GE Healthcare and Medtronic. These appointments in different positions have during the 23 years founded an extensive experience in medical technology. From product development, software support, project management, sales, procurement, and for the last  10 years as CEO adding components such as, quality, organizational development, agent & distributor management, leadership, financial management and change management in the organization.


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