Sales towards the public sector

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» Management

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» Product strategy

« Sales towards the public sector

Sales to the public sector adds specific requirements on the organization, product offering and how the sales teams are organized compared to sales towards the private sector. If you have not previously worked towards the public sector or with public tenders, some parts may seem bureaucratic, cumbersome and sometimes very time consuming. It clearly differs from sales to the private sector but to have the public sector as a customer also brings several benefits. So even if it sometimes might require some more groundwork it will often pay-off with long-term contracts that strengthen both parties. Much focus is generally on the price but despite this th public sector is a part which is financially stable and with good solvency which are other factors why it’s worth the efforts.

» Procurement processes

» Organizational changes 


Background Reidar Gårdebäck

After a Master of Science degree in Physics at KTH – Royal Technical University the first appointment was at Siemens-Elema Healthcare department with development of radiology systems. Then followed appointments at several medical technology companies such as Elekta, ProAct, GE Healthcare and Medtronic. These appointments in different positions have during the 23 years founded an extensive experience in medical technology. From product development, software support, project management, sales, procurement, and for the last  10 years as CEO adding components such as, quality, organizational development, agent & distributor management, leadership, financial management and change management in the organization.


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