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Managing procurement and how to control the work of responding to specifications and requirements is an area that requires a lot of work and knowledge from many different persons. To achieve success in procurement requires a dedicated and experienced team, perseverance and last nut not least that you have a structured approach with clear roles on how to organize your work. Both in terms of the tasks before the contract is advertised as well as how to respond to the offer after once it has been announced. Many years of experience and hundreds of submitted tenders have provided a detailed picture of how the work should be structured to maximize success. To give some brief examples of how an assignment in procurement might look like following tasks can be mentioned

    • Together with existing procurement team go through how the current process works and analyze how tasks can be improved or optimized
    • Together with the responsible team step in and assist in a specific existing procurement
    • Review and revise the competencies that are available and needed to develop a dedicated procurement team and coach or train existing staff in the procurement process.

The above can be done both as a work which is part of a team as a resource or as a number of workshops, training courses where you go through the process step by step. In this area ReGarde collaborates with the tender expert Magnus Josephson,

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Background Reidar Gårdebäck

After a Master of Science degree in Physics at KTH – Royal Technical University the first appointment was at Siemens-Elema Healthcare department with development of radiology systems. Then followed appointments at several medical technology companies such as Elekta, ProAct, GE Healthcare and Medtronic. These appointments in different positions have during the 23 years founded an extensive experience in medical technology. From product development, software support, project management, sales, procurement, and for the last  10 years as CEO adding components such as, quality, organizational development, agent & distributor management, leadership, financial management and change management in the organization.

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